Birdfeast (“Where There is Overflow,” “Rough Translation”)
Guesthouse (“Sonic Boom in Miniature,” “Unwanted Dream Sequence,” “Sincerely Against Lavish Description”)
Jellyfish (“Hiding in the Overglow,” “Here is a Trick”)
OmniVerse (“If I Were an Honorable Person the Honorable Thing I Would Say is Brace Yourself”)
Phoebe (“A Test for Safe Zones”)
Pinwheel (“Somewhere in the Looming Fear,” “I Took the Calendar for an Airplane”)
Sink Review (“If You Ask I Will Tell You”)
Sixth Finch (“At Last an Effigy Shaped Like Oklahoma,” “In Home Movies We Are Always Waving,” “Poem for What I’m Not Allowed,” “Some Work of Noble Note”)
Sixth Finch (“The Swell,” “Natural Movement is a Farce”)


Arroyo Literary Review (“Anthology of Lost Beliefs”, “Crooked Testament”, “Wild Gestures for the Revenant,” “Poor Forces”)
Atlas Review
(“Courtesy of the Moment,” “If I am Utterly Still What is Lost”)
Bone Bouquet (“Invented Landscape,” “Model of the Living”)
 (“World’s Tiniest Earthquake”)
Denver Quarterly (“I Am Here to Break Down the Era”)
Gulf Coast (“Archival Footage of a Necessary Outburst”)
jubilat (“The Jitters,” “Practice Test”)
New South (“Minor History,” “The Creeps,” “Anthem”)
SUPERMACHINE (“From Middle America,” “The Right Tectonics,” “Here is a Toast”)
Whiskey Island (“No Song,” “Soft Matter,” “Patterns of Movement”)